Which Seeds Are Blossoming In Your Internal Garden?

There are countless flowers in the world, and there are many that have probably yet to be discovered. But flowers can be deceiving. Take the rose. It is beautiful. The colors, the smell, the silky feel of the petals… but roses are a deceptive flower. Thorns that can cause great pain spread both long and visible as well as short and hard to see along the stem of the rose. Or the elegant autumn crocus. Beautiful to admire from afar, but if you get too close, you could find that you’re poisoned and that there is no antidote.

But one thing that all flowers, both harmless and dangerous, have in common is that they start with a seed or a bulb. Each seed, each bulb is unique and as a result you know that you’re going to get a beautiful, colorful result.

The same can be said of our own day to day life. Each day we are given seeds… they are seeds of circumstance, environment and social life. These seeds are just like the seeds that form the poisonous autumn crocus or the thorny rose – don’t take for granted that the beauty they promise can also be dangerous.

Seeds of circumstance often deal with choices we make during events where we have to choose the door on the left or the door on the right and in the split second it takes us to pick a knob and push the door open, that seed plants itself within us. But what if the choice we made was the wrong one? What if we should have gone left, but chose right? The seed is there… what do we do?

Seeds can NOT thrive unless they are watered, given room to breathe and grow and nurtured by either nature or a loving hand with a green thumb. We have to decide whether the choice we’ve made means that a toxic flower will grow within us, destroying our positivity and choking at our happiness, stabbing our good nature, or if we will suppress that seed and deny it what it needs to survive. The same can be said of seeds of environment and social life.

Maybe you live in a less than desirable community, but finances and economical hardships prevent you from leaving… Do you become bitter? Or do you become better? Do you allow the autumn crocus to paint a beautiful life for you that masks the poison eating away you inside, turning the taste in your mouth sour to every event though you put a fake smile on your face? Or does the stunning yet delicate Lisianthus flower bloom… sweeping away the darkness with an elegant beauty that keeps your feelings about your situation positive?

Maybe you’ve had the unfortunate experience of a friend stabbing you in the back, a partner cheating on you, or someone you thought you could trust hurting you either physically or emotionally in a way that you never would have thought that they could. Which seed did you let take root? Which seed did you water and nurture? Was it the magnificent hydrangea, filling your thoughts with beauty and positivity and bringing out the inner beauty so that the outer beauty is impossible to miss? Or did you nurture the oleander tree, with flowers containing multiple toxins that eat away at your inner beauty?

What seeds are blossoming in your internal garden today? Are you a rose, with a beautiful flower but thorns that could cause pain? Or are you the lily of the valley – peaceful, beautiful and elegant bringing a positive light with you where you go? Are you the hydrangea bush, or the oleander tree? The autumn crocus or the Lisianthus? Are you growing positivity, or negativity?


“There are two wolves that live within each of us – one good, one evil. The one that survives is the one that we feed the most.” Both seeds have been planted. Both wolves are there. Which one are you nurturing?


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