Fight Fire With Water

Everybody gets to a point with people in our lives where we get angry and say, “It’s time to fight fire with fire!” But if we actually fight fire with fire, we create bigger fires. Fighting fire with fire does not put fires out. Before you know it, the small fire that angered you has grown into a larger fire with you and the person that created the fire to begin with and then spreads to others who take sides and start lighting matches and throwing wood and fuel into the fire and then cities have to be evacuated for the fire that’s spreading further and further. Figuratively speaking, of course.

But nonetheless, fighting fire with fire creates more fire. It resolves nothing. It keeps the fire going and fuels it and continues the path toward epic destruction of our self confidence, our temperament, our attitudes toward other people. Innocent bystanders get caught in the middle, being burned by our actions of frustration and anger.

So what puts out a fire? A contradicting force… water. Regardless of the actions of others, be the water in the situation. Picture yourself as a peaceful stream and imagine yourself flooding over to coat the fire in water. Shower the person causing you to feel emotions of anger and frustration in love and understanding and forgiveness, and if that doesn’t work, walk away.

The most successful way to put out the fires in our lives is to cast water onto it. Be kind to one another, be loving and show your positivity in any situation, and fires will cease.

Fighting fire with fire creates more fire. Put fires in your life out with love and be the water that calms the world.

And as always, have a blessed and positivity filled day ❤


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