Don’t Be Entertained By Someone’s Pain

I feel compelled to post this after seeing this article about a young mother who was physically assaulted in front of a crowd and the only person who stepped in was her 2 year old son. The woman admitted to taking place in workplace gossip, but this should not warrant a violent response. I don’t know what the workplace gossip was about, and I don’t care.

At the end of the day, the victim allowed herself to get wrapped up in negative commentary – like we all are guilty of at some point – and the reaction was explosive. But what breaks my heart more than a verbal conflict escalating to a physical confrontation is that there were other adults close by watching, some people cheering on the attacker, but nobody interfering. There is a very noticeable size difference between the woman.

There was one person who intervened… the two year old son watching the events unfold. The attacker threatened the child as well and still nobody intervened! Where is the decency in this planet when you can let yourself and your integrity as a courteous human being be shown up by an innocent child trying to protect his mom? When does an attack stop being entertainment?

I didn’t even want to share the link on here because I don’t want to promote the mindset of the people that are going to continue to laugh at this woman’s pain. Really at both women’s pain. Clearly the attacker was very hurt by the words that were being said in the “workplace gossip,” which ultimately led to this physical confrontation.

Any number of things could have taken place to prevent this awful event. The victim of the assault could have refrained from workplace gossip. It’s not hard folks. If someone is coming to you with gossip about someone else, what do you think they’re saying to the other person??? Think back to the Rattlesnake in Your Circle of Friends post from a few days ago. The best response is to say “I’m sorry, but whatever the issue is, it’s none of my business. I’m here to do a job and I really don’t want to get tied up in discussing someone else’s personal problems/looks/religious beliefs. I understand that you and this person seem to have some sort of issue and I hope you both get it worked out, but I’m not here to badmouth another person, because I don’t know their struggles or how badly my words or thoughts could hurt the situation more.” By expressing disinterest in participating in the gossip in this manner, you put the seed of thought that this behavior is unacceptable and set yourself up to be in a position to lead the person bringing the gossip to you to realize that they are hurting someone else with their words and could even possibly lead this person to an apology for their participation.

I’ve seen it happen.

Another thing that could have prevented this horrific event from unfolding is if the attacker had elected to not let the words of others affect her in a way that led to violence.

There are two facts in life in regards to this situation : Fact number 1, you can’t unspeak words that you’ve spoken. Choose to speak uplifting words. Build on someone’s character when you hear others breaking it down. Even if you don’t know that person. Because once your words are spoken, they’re out there and can be harmful as we see in this incident. Fact number 2, you can’t unhit someone. Once an act of violence has been played out, it can’t be undone. No amount of apologies or forgiveness in this situation can remove the words that led to this assault that harmed the mind of the attacker, and no amount of apologies or forgiveness can remove the horror that the victim of this attack felt as she was being beaten and was unable to move while her son was being threatened for being the only one brave enough to step in.

One more fact, just as food for thought : There are plenty of people out there willing to open up their cell phone camera app and take a video and cheer on the fight. There aren’t enough people willing to risk themselves for the benefit of another. I am in no way encouraging violence. What I’m saying is, instead of pulling out your camera and standing with the masses and watching, bending where the wind blows, go against the current. This attack could have been stopped by sheer shock of outsider involvement. Someone could have tried to restrain the attacker. A yell simply saying “I’m calling the police” could have stopped the attack. Instead of pulling up your camera app, pull up your dial pad and dial 911. “There’s an attack in progress at ___ location and we need an officer.” Say the words to the 911 dispatcher loud enough that everyone involved, the bystanders with the video cameras up, the victim, the attacker and the innocent child watching as his mother is beaten and trying desperately to protect her can hear you say it.

This situation could have easily ended up much worse. With an attack to the face like the one in this case, one blow landed just right could have ended this young mother’s life.

Don’t be entertained by someone’s pain. From gossip to an attack unfolding in front of you, go against the grain and make a difference. Bring positivity and denounce negative behaviors and you could prevent something like this from happening.

Have a safe, happy and positivity filled day ❤


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