The Rattlesnake in Your Circle of Friends

During my many years of learning and growing and understanding how negative people operate and how they lure us into traps that force anger to exit our bodies in the form of hurtful words or loud reactions of self defense, the trickiest among these people are the rattlesnakes. I call them this because they always give some form of warning of their true nature. They are the most vicious. They don’t start off with a cycle of negativity that doesn’t end. They lure you end with the sound of a baby rattle (them defending you against an unknown enemy speaking ill-spirited words against you, for an example… or they are a victim of someone else’s harassment and they play the card well). This sound is usually meant to draw a reaction from you.

How you respond determines how they will react and what they will strike at. A loud response of self defense against anonymous voices whispering your name in odd places will guarantee a barrage of “bad luck” and information getting to unusual sources that otherwise shouldn’t have any access to your life. A public accusation against people you know announcing that you will have your homie’s back or you and your ride or die chick are gonna whoop that @$$ together means that strange people are going to start randomly sending you random messages of vicious nature.

Meanwhile the rattlesnake sits back and watches the events unfold as their bite has sunk in and the venom of negativity has taken hold of your life and caused a chain reaction that ultimately results in a downfall of your character as well as your reputation.

It is vitally important to pay attention to the tall grass around you (your circle of friends) and listen for the rattle. It’s usually very subtle and these rattlesnakes will often establish themselves as good people with no reason to make up these stories, but make no mistake… not every victim in your circle of friends is a victim and not every soldier fighting your battles for you against phantom whispers is actually hearing or seeing anything.

By paying attention to your surroundings and recognizing the sound of the rattle, you can prepare yourself to respond positively. “I heard there was someone that was talking negatively about me today. I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done to offend you and would love the opportunity to make it right. Please reach out to me and I will make sure that any misunderstandings between us can be resolved. I hope that you get this message as I have no intention of leaving someone offended by my actions and would like to know what it is I’ve done to offend so I can prevent this from happening in the future.” Or “I have a great love for my friend/family member X, and at this moment he/she is upset because of a disagreement with someone else. I would love the opportunity to have a sit down with you both to try to mediate a resolution to this problem to bring an end to the issues causing the negativity you’re having.”

These kind of reactions let the rattlesnake know that you’ve heard the rattle and you’ve left their territory. There is nothing to strike at. There was no loud response. You didn’t praise them for taking up a fight for you. A proper response to the common rattle of mystery people talking about you that the rattlesnake has bravely spoken against is “thank you for bringing this to my attention. In the future, please refrain from interfering. I don’t want to add to negativity, and responding to this behavior does add to negativity. The less response people receive, the less negativity there will be in the future. Thank you for looking out for me, but for your safety and mine, please keep from interfering in the future.”

Respond to the rattle with a calm and positive reaction, letting the rattlesnake know that you’re out of their territory, and there will be no strike later. The more positivity we bring to the world, the better the world will be. And who knows? Maybe responding to the rattle with positivity will be an influence to transform that rattlesnake into something else.

“When someone tries to pull you into drama and negativity, repeat this statement, Not my circus. Not my monkeys.” Even if it directly involves your name, your response is what people will remember. Beware the rattle, mind your reaction, and have a positivity filled day. ❤


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