Encouragement Personified

One of the many things about my life that is a huge factor in what I do on a daily basis is my health. I have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, a vitamin D deficiency, dysmenorrhea, a hormone fluctuation disorder that basically causes all of the hormones in my body to mass produce and go into overdrive if I get stressed, among many other things. These issues combined together often leave me fatigued and downright cranky.

For a year and a half as my health tanked, I created an environment in my mind for allowing the misery that comes with being in constant pain and being sick more frequently than not that allowed me to become a person that even I didn’t like. I was mean to people constantly, whining all the time and just an all around not fun person. Add to that a stressful job that I hated and the irritation that came from that and you’ve got a perfect storm of a negative and discouraging person.

I’m saying all of this to point out that I am not perfect. None of us are. We are going to have days where we’re not going to feel like being nice to other people. But it’s important for us to be nice anyway. One kind act per day can change your attitude.

It was one kind act recently that shifted my course and sent me on a new path in life, switching from one direct sales career to another and hatching a plan for a new company that I’m trying to build that will allow people like me – authors – to have a source of help to be recognized for the hard work that they do and receive guidance to help guide them in a direction that will make their work better than good, but amazing and to where people will want to read their work or watch it in action on television or at the theater.

One kind act by a new friend who barely knew me but went on a limb in an act of trust that is not only uncommon in these days, but unheard of who helped me in a way that – even if I can pay her back financially I can never repay in the amount of gratitude that I feel for her.

This is encouragement personified. This is the very definition. And so, that being said, I challenge you to personify encouragement. Find a limb and step out on it. Give someone hope. Help them change their direction. It could be a financial assist to someone you don’t know very well, it could be words of encouragement. For instance, your friend says they want to be a model. Don’t go into the negatives of modeling, tell them they’ll be great at it. If it doesn’t work out then tell them to keep fighting for their dreams. Help them fight. Be a system of support. Even if you’re only able to personify encouragement by becoming your words and demonstrating the act of support for one person, that is one person in the world whose life will be forever changed because of you.

And that, my friend, is living a successful life.


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